Slavek's Creek

by David Michael

  • Optical Disc

    This 2 hour continuous recording "Slavek's Creek" is currently available only as a DVD, containing both 24bit/44kHz FLAC and 320kbps MP3 versions of the entire work. The disc can be read by any personal computer and the files are playable by most any digital music player.

    The length of the material prohibits its distribution on CD, and the size of the digital files make them slightly inappropriate for direct download. I hope you will find that owning the optical disc provides the best listening experience.

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“Superficies, whether woven, pigmented, glazed, plastered,
or carved, receive and are formed from contingent gesture.
Skins express gorgeous corporal transience. Ornament is
the decoration of mortality.” Office for Soft Architecture

Recorded during Francisco Lopez’s Mamori Sound Project, Slavek’s Creek explores Lopez’s own notion of “transcendental listening”, encouraging the listener to explore the inner life of sound freed of the context in which it was produced. Like La Selva, this work originated in the rich, broadband acousmatic sound environment of the tropical rain forest, here the lowland rainforest of Amazonas, Brasil.

Just over 2 hours in duration, Slavek’s Creek is a continuous selection from a much longer overnight recording. No additional “composition” has been applied outside of equalization, which places it nearer to “documentation” in the spectrum of phonography. What sort of documentation Slavek’s Creek represents though is ultimately up to the listener.

The content of Slavek’s Creek ranges from a controlled chaos to sheer pandemonium, driven by a dense congregation of sound producers, which together consume almost every available audible portion of the spectrum. The title derives from the recording location along a portion of a tributary to Mamori Lake that is often recorded by Slavek Kwi, who provided guidance and location scouting.

David Michael, 2011


released January 1, 2011

Released on Fieldcraft Records



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