by David Michael



The Memento reflects on two forms of memory devices. The recording is a device in the technological sense, fixing and playing back events from an electromagnetic memory. The embodiment of the recording suggests a memento, which is a memory device in the sense that "device" refers to a technique - a memory helper. While traditionally mementos evoke memories of past experience, here the Memento itself contains the entire experience. A tiny world captured in a box.

Its specific embodiment also reflects a desire to present the recording in a medium that is more persistent, personal, and accessible than a multichannel digital file. It should not be up to the audience to provision software or hardware for playback. The medium not only stores the content, but is also capable of playback. It is somewhat insulated from the shifting formats of consumer audio. Today's multichannel FLAC is yesterday's quadraphonic vinyl.


released July 20, 2011



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